Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Almost deleted it

I've been putting off writing another post because I've been trying to avoid having to do it one-handed. However, I think that's the only way this is going to happen.

JC Update: teething ... definitely teething. How do I know this? No, not because she bit me, but because she's not sleeping through the night anymore, she cries a lot more, she drools without end, chews on everything, and was wiping a bloody, saliva-sodden hand all over her PJs this morning. Gross? Yeah, well, that's teething for ya.

I wasn't sure if I was going to be writing another post this week or ever. The other day I was cruising around on here and came across Minimalist Mom's post about giving up facebook (and Faith's note, too). I find her minimalist approach to things really intriguing and almost inspiring. After reading her post and the comments it gathered, I was determined that I would delete this blog as well as my facebook account. I didn't want to be wasting my time online when I should be spending it with little JC while I get to be home with her! However, a wise and understanding friend reminded me that on cold winter days when I'm lacking sleep and JC will only sleep in my arms, there's no shame in wanting to somehow be connected to the outside world. (Especially if it requires only one hand, leaving one hand to cuddle my sleeping bean.)


  1. What a lovely little outfit on the bean! ;)

  2. So true! Sadly, it no longer fits (this photo is an old one from back in October, but it illustrates how we spend some of our time these days). Those cupcake shirts will be saved for a future 2nd little girl, or for a hand-me-down to another cutie.