Saturday, April 16, 2011

Knitting Update

At last I have finished JC's sweater!

Well, actually, I finished it almost a month ago, but I wanted to make a hat to match it and I just finished that bit recently. The sweater pattern comes with a pattern for a hat, but I wasn't sure about it, so I elected to make one of my usual hats (I've knitted ~15 of these to date). The pattern I use is designed by Susan B. Anderson and comes together really quickly and with great results. I like the style of the hat because it's forgiving. It stretches a bit, but you can also adjust the length of it by rolling or unrolling the brim.

To match JC's pink sweater, I made a pink "upside-down daisy" toque. It's so cute!!

I also recently made a similar hat in a smaller size in green for my new little step-cousin. Instead of making the daisy, I made little ears and sewed them on! So cute! I should have taken a photo ... oops!

I know a few expectant mommies right now, so I will likely be making these little hats a lot over the next few months.

Bear ears are cute ... what else should we top these little hats with? I'm open to suggestions! :)

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