Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sweet (Smelling) Memories

For me, and for many, smells can trigger vivid memories.

Here are a few of my trigger smells:

Stetson Cologne - my dad. This smell-connection is so strong, that when I was a teenager working at Dairy Queen, a man who was wearing Stetson walked in the restaurant and my eyes immediately scanned the crowded restaurant searching for my dad. That was when I realized the smell connection.

Gain Laundry Detergent - weekends of years 2-4 of university with my roommate, Andrea. She washed her sheets religiously, at least once a week, and she always used Gain (in the bright green bottle).

Satsuma body lotion by the Body Shop - Again, this reminds me of Andrea, but it actually takes me back to first year university when we lived in residence. She would parade around in crazy bell-bottom pants with her U of G sweatshirt on, smelling like Satsuma.

Nautica cologne - not sure which scent, but it reminds me of my husband in his high school days.

Swiss Army cologne - my hubby in his university days.

Finesse shampoo & conditioner - my mom. She hasn't used it for years, but it still takes me back to being a little kid.

Sandalwood - total relaxation. I used sandalwood scented body lotion at the Rosseau Resort & Spa in the Muskokas and now when I smell it, it just makes me feel relaxed and pampered.

Say Yes to Carrots! Shampoo - being pregnant. I used it for the first time last February when we visited my brother and sister-in-law in Ottawa when we told them we were expecting JC.

Promised Land Soap by Smell the Soap - JC's birth. This was the soap we were using around the time of her birth. I LOVE the smell of that soap now!

What are your smell connections?

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