Sunday, December 16, 2012

What is Your Food Routine?

This is a very important detail that many people miss when examining their food and nutrition. It's one of those concepts that is so all-encompassing that it gets lost when we zoom in too closely on what we're eating.

Your food routine is the who, what, where, when and why of your nutrition.

Who do you eat with at the various times you eat? Is there ever a break in that routine?

What do you eat throughout the day? Which meals/snacks/grabs (grab = impulsive unplanned snack) do you eat day in and day out? What types of foods do you eat together? (ie. Is your lunch a single food like a slice of pizza? Or do you place a few items together?)

Where are you eating the various meals/snacks/grabs? At the table at home? In front if the TV? In the car? At your work desk? At the kitchen sink? (You get the point.)

When do you eat? When is the first time in the day that you eat (ie. actually CHEW something - not drink something). When do you eat throughout the day? (ie. are there big gaps between meals/snacks/grabs? Are they close together?) When is the last time you eat something in the day?

Why do you eat when you do, and why do you choose what you choose? (We've already touched on this one a bit.)

Answer these questions and see where that takes you. We'll talk again soon :)

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